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USAID Clean Energy Emission Reduction (CLEER) Tool

The CLEER Tool is a user-friendly calculator based on internationally-accepted methodologies, enabling users to calculate emissions reduced or avoided from clean energy activities. The tool helps users to:

  • estimate, track, and report greenhouse gases (GHGs) reduced or avoided from clean energy,
  • estimate and project the amount of energy generated or saved from clean energy activities,
  • identify high impact activities with cost-effective GHG reductions,
  • evaluate the emissions reduction potential of planned activities and possible alternatives, and
  • estimate projected GHG emissions reduced or avoided to 2070.

CLEER uses up-to-date methodologies and emissions factors from the IPCC, the GHG Protocol, and other internationally-accepted guidance for estimating GHG emissions and reductions.

Clean Energy Activities included in CLEER



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