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CLEER User Guides

PDF  CLEER Tool User Guide (PDF)

Step-by-step instructions for using the web-based CLEER Tool.

PDF  CLEER Calculator User Guide (PDF)

Step-by-step instructions for using the Excel-based CLEER Calculators.

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CLEER Factsheet

PDF  CLEER Factsheet - July 2017 (PDF)

This factsheet describes USAID’s CLEER activity to provide guidance and tools for estimating GHGs reduced or avoided associated with clean energy projects and programs.

CLEER Protocol — Methods & Data Sets

PDF  CLEER Protocol - May 2019 (PDF)

This document provides an overview of GHG accounting principles and practices, as well as standardized GHG estimation methodologies for common USAID clean energy activities that have GHG benefits.

CLEER Excel Calculators — Clean Energy GHG Calculator

Excel-based GHG emission reduction calculator for when the amount of energy generated or savings is known. It is technology-neutral and applicable to Renewable Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency, and Fuel Switching.

Excel  Clean Energy GHG Calculator (Excel)

USAID Groups can use this calculator to report annual GHG impacts under Indicator 4.8-7: GHG emissions, measured in metric tons of CO2 equivalent, reduced, sequestered, and/or avoided as a result of USG assistance.

CLEER GHG Projections Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate projected greenhouse gas emissions reduced or avoided through 2030 from clean energy projects and programs.

Excel  Clean Energy GHG Projections Calculator (Excel)

PDF  Clean Energy GHG Projections Calculator User Guide (PDF)

USAID Groups can use this calculator to report projected GHG impacts under Indicator 4.8.2-34: “Projected greenhouse gas emissions reduced or avoided through 2030 from adopted laws, policies, regulations, or technologies related to clean energy as supported by USG assistance.

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CLEER Disclaimer & Terms of Use

All CLEER materials and content are intended for use by USAID Groups, implementing partners, and stakeholders to estimate and document GHG emissions reduced and/or avoided from select clean energy activities, as defined by USAID GCC direct funding requirements, for the purpose of annual indicator reporting. Additional information regarding the intended use and limitations of CLEER can be found in Section 1.2 of the CLEER Protocol.

Unless otherwise noted, all CLEER materials are owned and licensed by USAID, controlled by ICF International, Inc. under the Resources to Advance LEDS Implementation (RALI) Project, and protected by worldwide copyright laws. CLEER content may be downloaded and shared for use by USAID or for general use, without altering or removing any trademark, copyright, or other notice from such material. No modification, reproduction, or creation of derivative work based on data, equations, or formulas within the CLEER materials is permitted, without the express written consent of both USAID and ICF International. All results acquired from using CLEER methods and tools should reference “USAID CLEER” as the source. On occasion, ICF International, in collaboration with USAID, may change, update, or discontinue CLEER content.